October 17 - Deep Tissue Techniques for LMTS Who Don't Like To Do Deep Tissue 

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September 14 

June 18 - Myofascial Release in  Spa Setting  - FREE hands-on Workshops sponsored by Massage Envy of LI

April 22 -"Successful Side-Lying Massage"   FREE Hands-On Sponsored by Massage Envy of LI - 

April 27 - Easy & Effective Deep Tissue Techniques Finger Lake School of Massage - Mt. Kisco - Continuing Education Department

June 7,8,9 Science of Flexibility -- Syosset Long Island

Workshop Descriptions

Deep Tissue Techniques for LMTS Who Don't Like To Do Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage is all about technique...not strength. Being effective without killing yourself is imperative to your career and gratifying for your clients. Most people request "Deep Tissue". They are simply asking for a strong massage. The clients are looking for relief from "achy tense muscles" and they were told ( by someone) that Deep Tissue is the way to go.
They are not asking to be bruised! (If they want bruising that is a whole other topic). If you believe in the "No Pain No Gain" approach is how you go about doing a great massage, PLEASE come to this workshop. We have much to discuss. If you aren't confident with your skills, please join us and gain confidence. If you don't want to offer this service you are eliminating great clientele and reducing your income.
LMTS have to be able to communicate this popular (and uneducated) brutal belief system of "a good massage is a painful one" to be false quickly and clearly. You do not have to be a weightlifter to be "deep".
Deep Tissue Technique includes:
your body mechanics
placement of hands, elbows or forearms
understanding pressure levels
positive vs. negative pressure
body/muscle locations and angles
table height
lotions to use and what not to use
warm-up and strengthening YOUR hands and upper body.

Myofascial Release in Spa Setting

Learning the difference of working with the Connective Tissue and Muscle Massage is essential for a pro-massage therapist. Be incredibly effective and confident with working with clients.

Integrate these MFR hands-on techniques : Structural Release, Unwinding & Rebounding

Earn NYS & NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Credits

9am - 5pm = 7 Credits  ----- 1 hour for Complimentary Lunch


Successful side-Lying Massage - April 22 Monday - Syosset


Gain confidence and comfortability doing. Massage in a Side-Lying position. This is an easy and extremely effective approach for everyone.

You are enjoying your massage practice with all its gratifying rewards and then suddenly, a client walks in the door that cannot lie prone or supine. What do you do? Working in a side-lying position was barely taught at school.

How about the lady who is seven months pregnant with a very stiff back? Or your repeat client that is now recovering from shoulder surgery? Or an elderly man who has had hip replacement? Or a lady recovering from cancer with breast reconstruction who cannot lie prone yet?

As a healthcare professional, it is imperative that you don't miss a beat and suggest a “side-lying position”. Continue to be the expert re-establishing your clients’ confidence in you.

There are many components to a successful session. Laying on your side is very comfortable, and clients really do enjoy it. In this position, your hands-on massage technique offers a different technical approach and many new angles to explore. There is also the importance of draping for privacy and comfort. Spinal alignment along with the position of the hips is also considered.

Join me in this workshop and walk away feeling confident and effective working in this position. Side-lying massage challenges you to step out of the prone/supine box. Participating in this workshop will give you a new sense of freedom and capability. It is also incredibly easy! Have confidence in your new skills.

Massage Envy is proud to invite Kerrie Flynn, LMT to be their instructor of Continuing Education Workshops.  A Massage Therapist since 1991, Kerrie shares her extensive experience of 20+ years as a college professor and instructor of all massage techniques.

Easy & Effective Deep Tissue Techniques

April 27 - Saturday -Mt. Kisco

This is one day interactive workshop to learn Deep Tissue Techniques that are easy and effective and will not injure yourself or the client.

Many clients love a strong deep massage, and we want to provide it for them. But how many sessions can you do a day without burn-out or injury to yourself or the client? Deep Tissue Massage is not a Swedish Massage. Take this full day course to learn simple techniques to improve your "Deep Tissue" skills. Learn techniques tips like: importance of location application, length of compression time, soft tissue depth perception, understand the difference between positive and negative pressure and the significant benefits, improve proper body mechanics, correct use of table height and working with different types of bodies. Upon completion of course you will be able to utilize this technique immediately and your clients will feel the difference and so will you!

Science of Flexibility - June 7,8 & 9

Syosset - Independent Workshop

Stretching Sessions, Flexibility Programs and Yoga Studios are everywhere.

The new fitness fad is STRETCHING!

Massage Therapists have always known that stretching is an essential part of our therapeutic approach when working with a client's soft tissue pain and/or stiffness.

I believe it is of the utmost importance that therapists have a solid understanding of the "Science of Flexibility".

• Do you have confidence in your approach with “stretching out” your clients?

• When do you use a Passive Stretch versus an Active Stretch?

• What is the difference between Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue?

• Can you identify the difference between Active Isolated Stretching versus Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation?

• Could you offer a stretching session for a 1/2 hour?

• Do you wish to integrate stretching into your massage session and just don't know how? Draping? In Clothing? On Table? Off Table?

• What is the most effective stretching technique to execute when a soft tissue spasm or injury comes onto your table?

Join this workshop and explore all these topics and get some answers.

Kerrie Flynn is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved  Provider and is also sponsored by NCBTMB to teach New York LMTs continuing education that is accepted by the state of New York for license renewal.