"Our session was fantastic! I felt a noticeable improvement in my gait shortly after I left. There was more pep and fluidity in my step. My legs now feel stronger, hips feel balanced. I will reschedule with you in a few days."

Sam Mariani, LMT    05/07/2016

Wow! Can't believe how much more fluid my left hip feels today. Even my flexibility, which was greatly diminished with the left hip, has increased!

Many thanks for your superb insight, touch, experience, care, love, all that stuff that you are. I'm so excited to be heading to my vacation knowing I can walk easier and more peacefully on the beautiful NC shore. All I can say is thank you! (How about bless you!)

With love,
Darcy B. LMT 10/2015

Darcy came back one year later for a tune up:

OMG! You rock my world! Thank you, thank you! Thank you! I feel amazing and well armed with your help, my new ball, videos, techniques! You are so brilliantly gifted! ❤️

Darcy B. LMT 10/25/2016  ( again one year later) 

It was so great to meet you today. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how grateful I am for my magnificent session with you this afternoon. I feel so much better and I was virtually speechless when I was trying to tell Darcy how I felt about it. Looking forward to our next session on Monday at 2:00 pm. Have a great week and I'll see you then.

With gratitude,
Freddie W. - Yoga Instructor -

Aaron MattesActive Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method

Sarasota, Florida (941) 922-1939 www.stretchingusa.com

It is with great pride that I offer Kerrie Flynn LMT for your professional consideration.

As a guest instructor at the New York American Massage Therapy Association State Convention I was introduced to Ms. Kerrie Flynn. Although relatively new to the massage profession her ability to grasp new and difficult information illustrated her ability to advance rapidly as she has demonstrated to hundreds of students.

Having developed the movement science named Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method, a specific physiological process to improve motor learning and increase tissue elasticity, and is applied to healthy or affirmed subjects. There are few people in New york State capable of skillfully teaching and therapeutically applying AIS. MS. Flynn has spent hundreds of hours as a student, therapist and teacher of AIS.

She is undoubtedly the outstanding AIS teacher-therapist in the northeastern United States. She is a tireless, dedicated Massage Therapist. It is without reservation that I strongly recommend Ms. Kerrie Flynn for your professional consideration.


Aaron L. Mattes MS., RKT., LMT.

Testimonial – Joan Dattilo June 16 2005

I came to Kerrie several years ago with a locked hip, shortened muscles and heavy-duty pain. After some medical orthopedic exploration, I realized I have a degenerative hip plus lots of osteoarthritis in the back and hip areas.

I am not one for taking pills or caving in. So, Kerrie & I began to work together, my arthritis is definitely in a comfortable place – my hip is flexible and unlocked, and due to the great exercise regimen she put me on, I am in great shape!

Kerrie is the only thing that stands between me and hip surgery.

Bless you Kerrie!

“The stretching I do is essential. I find a huge difference between the Flexibility Training with Active Isolated Stretching that you do and the regular static stretching I used to do and have done my entire career as a dancer. The Flexibility Training that you do for me brings in more blood flow to the muscles, which allows me to perform at a much higher level.”

Davis Robertson

Professional dancer and choreographer -recipient of many awards nationally and internationally. Mr. Robertson danced with Joffrey Ballet Company, Broadway show “Moving Out” and Dancer with the NYC Lincoln Center – Metropolitan Opera and Artistic Director of the Joffrey Ballet Concert Group in NYC

“Kerrie – you are truly the greatest!”

Robert Harris - former NFL Giants Defensive Tackle

Robert Harris – former d      efen

Karine Plantadit is a Tony Award-nominated dancer and actress. She was a soloist with the "Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater" for 7 years and has since appeared in numerous Broadway shows including the original "Lion King" and "Movin’ Out". Recently she has starred in Twyla Tharpe’s "Come Fly Away" and the one-woman show "La Voix". Her television and movie appearances include "So You Think You Can Dance" (2010), The 82nd Academy Awards (2010), "Frida", and "Sex and the City". Karine is based in New York City. December 30, 2015

It's a brilliant effective way to get healthy! Kerrie healed me at least 3 times .. Injuries that had been debilitating and so scary: she listened and applied her skills and knowledge ... UNSTOPPABLE UNTIL THE JOB WAS DONE AND I WALKED OUT PAIN-FREE!!
Karine PlantditRun, soar, leap or even limp to her hands.. She is incredible! And best gift for someone you love.

Leon Pendarvis - Musical Director of the Saturday Night Live Band, Karine Plantdit and Kerrie Flynn - backstage of Broadway Show "After Midnight"

“The Best Massage Therapist – Period!”

Glen Sullivan – Driver – NASCAR - Busch Series

“Thank you for helping me recover from what we in the Sky Diving world call “ a very hard opening”. My neck and back are finally back to normal, so I can resume what I love the most – jumping out of planes from 14,000 feet.”

David Ness, D.C. – the flying Chiropractor

  • “Your healing hands, laughter and openness has meant so much to me through this healing journey that I’ve been on. Thank you for listening and sharing, especially being open to the range of emotions ready to emerge. You have many characteristics I wish to emulate. Thank you especially for helping me gain movement, flexibility and strength again in my body - which I am now taking back into my life.”
  • Rhonda N.

“All the trouble spots you worked on today are pain free. If there was a hall of fame for LMT's, you would be in it. You're marvelous, You're fabulous and everything else in- between. You're the BEST! “

William C.

"I just wanted to let you know that your instruction has meant a lot to me over the years. I still to this day use the techniques that you taught us in class and my patients rave about it. I have been living in San Diego California for a little under 3 years now and have built a strong practice for myself. I just wanted to let you know that you made a difference in my career as a therapist. Thank you for your time and dedication as a teacher."

> Peace, Tom Annese, LMT

“Throughout my career as a professional modern dancer I have worked with many massage therapists and have tried countless body therapies and strengthening techniques to both heal and prevent injury. In just a short time working with Kerrie, I not only felt relief from my injury but found a new awareness of my entire body and how to achieve maximum strength and power within the injury prone muscle groups. Ms. Flynn is gifted in her ability to teach athletes and dancers about their instruments while relaxing and rejuvenating them at the same time. “

Patricia Kenny - former principal dancer with “The Parsons Dance Company” and Founder and Artistic Director of “Patricia Kenny Dance Collection”.Patricia Kenny - former principal dancer with “The Parsons Dance Company” and Founder and Artistic Director of “Patricia Kenny Dance Collection”.

An Incredible Experience - (a must read)

  • In March 04, age 40, I pinched a nerve in my neck while playing with my children. For the next 3 months, the pain got progressively worse and began to greatly affect my daily life. My right arm was curled up and my left leg was being dragged; think Boris Karloff in The Mummy.
  • At this time, Chiropractic care was sought but based on my medical insurance a Doctors referral was needed. When visiting the Doctor, he recommended that I speak with a Neurologist. An appointment was made with the Neurologist while I started Chiropractic treatment.
  • The Neurologist sent me on a series of X-rays, Cat scans and MRI’s. After reviewing the film, the Neurologist initially thought that I may a have a tumor on my spine and sent me on more exams. Meanwhile the Chiropractor thought I might have MS. The Neurologist then referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon or one who does surgery of the spine.
  • When visiting this Doctor, he diagnosed me with Myelopathy, he said was common in men 20-30 years my senior. Immediate surgery was recommended, which would entail, removing 4 degenerative discs in my neck, bone would be taken from my pelvic area be grafted into my neck to hold replacement discs and a steel plate would then be added for stability which would be held in place by a series of screws. A follow up surgery would then have to be performed at a later date yet the reasons for such I cannot recall.
  • The Doctor explained that the discs were pressing into my spine and the pressure would have to be relieved. Since there was spinal cord damage, my symptoms could either improve or digress, there would be no way to know. My life would change drastically and it would be immediate. I would be unable to drive or lift for 3 months, sports of any nature would be a thing of the past and I would lose upwards of 40% mobility in my neck.
  • Through basically complaining to friends and associates, networking and referrals I met Kerrie Flynn. I was very skeptical of massage therapy and alternative medicine or therapy in general. Considering my options, the choices were limited, so this was the way I went.
  • Within one session the pain was gone and the affects were amazing; suddenly I could walk up right, perform tasks without thought and my stress level or level of stress was gone. Through the on going sessions I started to understand the value of stretching, exercising, vitamins and basically “thinking outside the box”.
  • The weather is warm today, I just got back from having a water gun fight with my 2 sons and plan to go bike riding tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be at the gym as I do 3 times a week, this seems to be a complete contradiction to the life that the Medical community described to me only a year ago.
  • For this I owe Kerrie Flynn a world of thanks.
  • John Ward