Sports Massage vs. Deep Tissue

Do you know the difference between Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage?

My clients very often get confused and are not sure which one is best for them.  Can you educate them?  Quickly?  Without a long explanation? 

Here are just a few key points.

1) Sports massage is dedicated to improving sports performance, boosting flexibility and handling injuries or preventing potential injuries. Period.  Ask them what is their Sport... if there isn't a sport they may be asking for a "strong massage".

2) A client may be seeking out that "strong massage"  aka  Deep Tissue massage will probably ask for the sports massage.  Most people like Deep Tissue techniques because it relieves stress, reduces muscle tension and alleviates physical pain.  Clients simply just do not want a massage that feels like "finger painting" pressure so they ask for a Sports Massage.  Don't be fooled! 

Sports Massage is typically limited to serious athletes, such as those who train most days of the week for a professional, collegiate or high-school-level sport. These clients might use massage as a part of pre- or post-game warm-ups to reduce the likelihood of muscle cramping. 

As a Sports Massage Therapist YOU are part of their overall training team. Ask lots of questions for it is imperative that you know their training schedule, needs and goals. This information determines the type of session you will do.

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Kerrie Flynn, LMT