Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes!

                           "Keep Moving Forward"

      That is my motto in life and the inspiration for my 1st new tattoo. 

I have always said and taught in the many classes that I have lead over the years, that you "have to diversify". Can't just be hands-on!  In my almost 3 decades of being in the massage profession I have had many titles; Massage Therapist, Teacher, Business Owner, Mentor, Business Coach, Legal Consultant, Wellness Center Designer, a Clinic Supervisor and for many of my dear friend therapists: your Confidant and Cheerleader. 

I now wish to introduce my new role that I am super excited about:


Recruiter-Consultant for the Massage Profession. 


I saw another niche that isn't filled, and I thought I could do this!  I would begin this road to helping new and seasoned massage therapists find the positions that are perfect for them.  Helping therapists to have the career of their dreams. Can't get better than that!  You all went to a NYS accredited school for more than 1000 hours of education, took the state boards' exam, passed and obtained a very valuable NYS license that enables you to touch and facilitate healing to the public.  Let's do this right and enjoy the career you worked hard to acquire. 

     The profession of massage has changed over the years.  It was simpler back when I started out in 1991.  I found a room to rent, printed up business cards and educational brochures, bought my linens, a good sturdy massage table and few cassette tapes of relaxing music. Remember Kitaro? Steven Halpern? Enya and John Tesh?  I wore those tapes out and stained all my white sheets with the vegetable oils I used! No organic creams back then.

The continuing education courses weren't required by the state. You went to workshops and conventions because you always wanted to improve your skills and give the best possible massage you could.  After all, the clients were paying a good price for our services and you wanted them to have a great session, gain improvement in their lives and yes; come back to you over and over again.  Easy right? Not always. I struggled at slow seasons and quickly learned how to save money to pay my estimated quarterly taxes!   And I know many of you were right there with me. Even through tough times, we happily sharing our expertise and healed our communities and enjoying every minute of it. I did, I loved every second of it. Still do!  I am proud to be a Licensed Massage Therapist.  

Do you know of a massage therapist that wishes to shift gears from self-employment?  or come back to massage profession that might have stepped away for a while? or just wishes to work for another location or business?

 Let them know I can help.  Text/ talk to me – 917.868 2021  

As far as working for an an employee... listen up!
I was always self-employed.  I loved the roller coaster of building a business. I met my goals and then made more goals.  I worked full time (24/7) in this profession.  I changed my scenery so many times in the last 27 years I should write a book.  I am not alone, many of you have done so as well.  I admit it – I am an adventure junkie – I love to create as I am an artist!  This is what worked for me!

But I must tell you something....

During this past summer, a fellow colleague/LMT called me and told me she was looking for LMTs for her upcoming busy season out east Long Island.  She asked if I could help her find some therapists who would work for her (beautiful) massage center.  Sure I said, but that was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be; more about that later. 
I called her back to see if she indeed hired anyone....and on the spur of the moment, without much thought or resistance, I asked her if she would consider ‘me’ coming out to work a few shifts for her. The response I got surprised me:  "Kerrie, you would come work for me? Really?"
Sure why not?  We agreed to a couple of full days.  I was really excited to join her team.  I was nervous for my first day!  I had to giggle at myself for being such an "expert" for so many years, but suddenly, I was bewildered as how to "fit in" with another’ massage center.  And for another fact; could I do 5 or 6 clients in a row?   It had been a little while for me.  Let's see how this old lady keeps up!

A wonderful long story short, I did great!  I slept the entire next day, but I was BACK!   I discovered something really, I mean really great! Being an employee!   It is a complete joy to show up for work; the receptionist is answering calls, a warm friendly atmosphere, clean linens that I didn't have to clean and fold, they supplied oils and creams, (but I brought my own), the music was lovely and not repeating…heaven. I worked alongside other incredible LMTs and my break-time was fun because I got to hang out and talk massage shop with them. I even got a facial.  There  no worries about getting the clients - they were already booked! AND they were fantastic clients!  I GOT TIPS!!!!  I never got a tip my whole career!   You don't (or shouldn't) take tips when you are self-employed; or working for a sports team, or a ballet dance company or on a yacht!   

Yipppeeeee!!    Extra cash!  Can't beat that and a feeling of accomplishment!  Simple. 

WOW - -why didn't I think of this before?   
This was steady income that I could count on and believe me, that alone was a nice perk.  

So, from my heart to yours.  I found my love for massage at yet another deeper level.  Working for an established massage center is a beautiful thing. I advise everyone to do at least once in their careers, even as a part time employee. 

Interested in a Job as Massage Therapist?
How it works -- there is no fee for my services if you are a massage therapist looking for work.
I will interview you and ask many questions: what kind of  work do you want? where do you want to work?  what are your techniques? what will you commit to?  Are you reliable? I will need your resume and references.  If I believe you are worthy to send for an interview, I will make it happen quickly.  If you don't pass my interview initially, I will work with you to improve your approach, resume, clarify your goals and/or change your attitude!  I do want you to work! 

Also -- lets get connected anyway -- I am (trying) to be very active on all the social media.  (it is so time-consuming.)  But I do it!  I would love some feedback, encouragement, questions and/or topics to post.

Remember, I am new at this Recruiting -- I am building accounts, be patient.

Thank you for indulging me.  I hope you found my story entertaining and useful. Please feel free to share this email and CC me when you do!  I would love some feedback and or a pat on the back – we could all use it these days! 

Always…. Keep In Touch!

Kerrie Flynn. LMT

Rockin' Recruiter & Clever Consultant