Kerrie Flynn Consulting, LLC

Kerrie Flynn Consulting, LLC

Ms. Kerrie Flynn, since 1991, shares her exceptional experience in the Health & Wellness profession. Her expertise of Consultation and Recruitment of Massage Therapists is based on her wide network of therapists and her experience as a pioneer business owner, entrepreneur, program creator and director. Kerrie taught 10 years as a college professor; instructor of all massage techniques as well as accredited courses of Ethics for Professional Development and Business Management 

Her global travel and discovery within health & wellness culture, keeps her updated with the newest trends.  Realizing customer and therapists' needs in the clinical philosophies of both Eastern and Western treatments makes Kerrie Flynn a highly valuable executive professional.


Providing a high-quality approach and well-structured solutions.

  • Pre-opening and strategic planning
  • Designing or remodeling for functional and efficient Massage Centers
  • Management phases and training for the entire staff
  • On-site presentations for LMT-Technique Skills and LMT Professional Skills
  • Experienced Expert Witness for Court and Dispositions


Building your staff from entry level to a seasoned therapist

  • Established professional relationships with NYS schools and colleges of Massage Therapy   
  • Building relationships with NYS accredited schools of Estheticians
  • Attendance at school events such as "Career Day and Job Fairs"   
  • Organize "Open Houses"        
  • Participation at events at NYS Massage Conventions and NY Health Expos
  • Create externships in collaboration with college student clinics (Dance Massage Clinic)    
  • Clarify job description and benefits for the Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician   
  • Evaluation of finalist applicants 
  • Clarifying and setting up employees obligations


Maintaining Excellence within Your Business

  • Continued staff training
  • Coaching: expertise to improve product
  • Mystery client quality audit
  • Seasonal treatments
  • Promotional development
  • On-site presentations


Kerrie Flynn is an approved provider of continuing education by NYS and the NCBTMB - National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

List of Workshops offered

  • Science of Flexibility 
  • Easy & Effective Deep Tissue Techniques
  • Reflexology
  • Change Your Approach to Low Back Pain
  • Touch Tools
  • Relaxation Enhancements
  • Table-Side Manners - Teaching Massage Therapists (especially within storefront / franchise businesses) to improve their approach with clients thus increasing tips and guarantee client retention.