Kerrie Flynn

Kerrie Flynn Consulting, LLC

Ms. Kerrie Flynn has 27 years of professional experience in the massage and wellness profession. Her expertise of Consultation and Recruitment of Massage Therapists for your businesses is based on her experience as a pioneer business owner, entrepreneur, program creator and director. 10 years as a college professor; nstrucotr of all massage techniques as well as accredited courses of Ethics for Professional Development and Business Management 

Her global travel and discovery within health & wellness culture, keeping updated with the newest trends and realizing customer and therapists' needs in both the Eastern as well as Western treatments makes Kerrie Flynn a highly valuable executive professional.


Providing a high-quality approach and well-structured solutions.

  • Pre-opening and strategic planning
  • Designing or remodeling for functional and efficient Massage Centers
  • Management phases and training for the entire staff
  • On-site presentations for LMT-Technique Skills and LMT Professional Skills
  • Experienced Expert Witness for Court and Dispositions


Building your staff from entry level to a seasoned therapist

  • Established professional relationships with NYS schools and colleges of Massage Therapy   
  • Building relationships with NYS accredited schools of Estheticians
  • Attendance at school events such as "Career Day and Job Fairs"   
  • Organize "Open Houses"        
  • Participation at events at NYS Massage Conventions and NY Health Expos
  • Create externships in collaboration with college student clinics (Dance Massage Clinic)    
  • Clarify job description and benefits for the LMT and Esthetican   
  • Evaluation of finalist applicants 
  • Clarifying and setting up employees obligations


Maintaining Excellence within Your Business

  • Continued staff training
  • Coaching: expertise to improve product
  • Mystery client quality audit
  • Seasonal treatments
  • Promotional development
  • On-site presentations


Kerrie Flynn is an approved provider of continuing education by NYS and the NCBTMB - National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

  • Stretch Therapies Science of Flexibility 
  • Deep Tissue Development
  • Orthopedic Protocols
  • Relaxation Enhancements
  • Reflexology
  • Table-Side Manners - Teaching Massage Therapists especially within store front / franchise businesses to enhance their approach with clients thus increasing tips and guarantee client retention.